“Jean” clock

  • Jean is a small bubble of time, a dome of lightness struggling with weight, a 21st century digital tribute to the mechanical heaviness of Napoleonic clocks beneath bell jars. Jean is as precious as the symbolic values that it incorporates in line with other Super-ette projects which vary between contrasting functional and playful, light and solid, to maliciously mark our little daily rituals. “Inside this bubble time is magnified, protected and meticulous. Each clock is accomplished with a single blow and is as unique and variable as a small moment of life”, according to Pierre Favresse. Why the name Jean? It is the designer’s way of referring to his beloved, “a young woman that you want to look after, but who is free and lives to her own rhythm, just like time and life.”

  • materials
    – mouth-blown glass
    – aluminium

  • design Pierre Favresse

  • dimensions 12 × 12 × 20 in
    (dimensions of the glass can vary)

  • year 2011

  • made in Europe

  • super-ette label via 2011